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Welcome artists! if you're here, then you may be looking for helpful tips, tutorials, and resources to help you in your journey to become a better artist. the good news is that you came to the right place!

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Dear Everyone With Smooth Lines in Their Digital Drawings





on SAI:


On Photoshop:



Wave Speed Paint in Photoshop | Aaron Blaise

Art School Exercises - New Art Blog


Art School Exercises is a tutorial/resource blog for artists of all levels, focusing on exercises and assignments from schools and classes that artists have found helpful. I’ve come across various comments and forum posts about artists reflecting on the helpful (and horrible) things they were made to do in school, and I thought it would be great to have a place to gather those ideas.

So if you’ve taken an art class (drawing, painting, creative writing, etc) and want to share, never have but curious, or you’re just interested in improving, submit, follow, reblog!

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More of the same!

I have begun working on a new tutorial; once all of drawing the head has been posted, the next tutorial will be on drawing hands.

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Step by step! (・◇・)

greyshour asked:
Can you post something about shading

Pleeaaassee read the FAQ next time

Anonymous asked:
One day could you show us how you color *_*? You always pick out nice colors and man I just admire your coloring so much!!


thanks so much!! heres a quick run down of how i color! (btw i use SAI):


first, just simple flat coloring, i usually do all my coloring in one layer bcus i get really confused otherwise lol….


then with a soft brush i add the face details (cheeks, lips, nose,lower eyelids)


then i grab the colors individually with the selection wand and shade, which i just pick darker tones with a slight red tint?


to make the drawing a bit less static, i change the lineart color using a layer clip and use lighter colors in the inner lineart but keep the outer lines black?? not sure how to explain AAA


then i use a really light pinkish yellow on a sep layer with lumi & shade layer setting on top (my old SAI didnt have this setting but its basically like overlay?) then i adjust the brightness and contrast/tweak the colors a bit

 SORRY IM NOT THE BEST AT EXPLAINING but i hope this helps o<-<

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any tutorials on drawing feet? And shoes? Please? I have a harder time drawing them then I do hands!

Also please make sure to read the faq next time! Thanks!