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Had a little discussion with polyleisle about blacked out shadows and etc.

I thought I might share my thoughts on it.


Something I learned today. Hope it helps!


Daily Life Drawing Session #1 (Free Timed Figure Model Reference)

blotteracid asked:
Hey, could you help me? I'm trying so hard to change my brush shape dynamics but they simply won't change! I'm trying to get that usual brush look for drawing realistic hair, the one that starts thin, then normal in the middle, then ends up thin again... But no matter what I do, my brush is still flat and plain... I've tried everything :( Could you give me some tips, and help me if you know what's happening? Thanks in advance <3

I’m assuming you mean on photoshop? I had a similar issue years ago that was never resolved before getting a new computer. Unfortunately I hardly ever touch photoshop anymore (yay SAI) so I’ll leave this here and hope someone with more experience could help out?

Anonymous asked:
I recently decided that I want to learn how to draw, should I start by drawing cartoons?

I personally think it’s much better to learn by drawing from life! You have to learn basic anatomy before stylizing your art, and drawing cartoons would have you skipping the basics entirely.

If you want know how to draw a hand, I’ve made a simple speed tutorial ;)

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Cumulus Clouds Reference by Tim Von Rueden

Check out our tips, tricks, and techniques on creating the “puffy” clouds for your environment or illustrations pieces HERE.


Brush settings! I get asked this a lot so I’m going to be spamming this link everywhere.

Please check FAQ for technical questions, I PROMISE half of them are there. 

And a older version.

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