The other day Rose asked if I’ve ever done a post about hair, and I haven’t. SO I WILL! YEAH!! 


First off, it helps to decide on a head shape. There are six different distinct head shapes; oval, rectangle, circle, square, heart, and triangle. The different head shape can help with defining your character, and also help in finding a hairstyle! Here’s a fairly long article about this; some hairstyles look better on different head shapes than others. Here’s another about hairstyles for different body types. This isn’t a hard and fast rule; just a general guideline (especially since that source is like OMG YOU MIGHT LOOK LIKE A BOY OH GOD NO!!)! It’s a good jumping off place, but you can put any sort of hair you want on any sort of character you want. Or your own head. Fuck da hair police.

Anyway, another thing to keep in mind is the part of the hair! There are studies that say that where you part your hair says something about you. I think that’s silly, but it’s a good think to think about when designing a character, especially if you’re concerned with keeping them consistent. If you have a character that parts their hair on the right, but sometimes forget and draw it parted to the left, people might notice the inconsistency. Although characters can have different hairstyles all the time, it’s much more common to have one (or just a few) that they generally wear all the time. Hair is one of those things that can help you recognize a person, so be sure to keep it consistent.

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