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SK IN COLORING CAUSE i received a bunch of asks on this omg i don’t know if this is the right way or anything but it’s a quick way i use to pick skin color s YEAH BLUES AND PURPLES add a nice bit of variety to the skin i feel idk IM SORRY I KINDA GO ON INSTINCT WHEN IT COMES TO THE EXACT COLORS 

If you’re ever not sure of skin colors it’s always best to look up a ref of a RL person of that approximate skin color!! 



Here’s my lineart/coloring tutorial on Photoshop :)

sorry for the occasional background noise- I live next to an airport and freeway entrance.

Brush settings used:
shape dynamics: 32% size jitter w/ pen pressure, 24% angle jitter, 25% minimum roundness
texture: a custom grainy texture. scale 27%, mode multiply, 100% depth and minimum depth
other dynamics: opacity jitter 0% with pen pressure
noise tickbox checked

reblogging for the day crew :P

A Title.: a cheaty way to color



ok here’s ur brand spankin fresh from the oven lineart


use that magic wand shit and select the area u wanna color first. smurf that mo up.


use the select pen and color in the areas the magic wand missed, so u get a nice even smurf


then u move onto a new…

one helpful digital coloring tutorial


with tablet + Photoshop (for scanning, cleaning, lineart and coloring/details)


bit of a shitty tutorial on how i do uber-shiny metallic hair
yeah this probably isn’t very helpful or accurate at all
tbf though it is extremely fun to do


bit of a shitty tutorial on how i do uber-shiny metallic hair

yeah this probably isn’t very helpful or accurate at all

tbf though it is extremely fun to do


I dont even know what to say besides hahahahahahahahah
here are the brushes??
orry if some things are unexplained and confusing
this character is Nyo!Prussia btw if some of u dont kNOW


Just as I answered in a previous ask, majority of my works included experimenting so this is probably far from being the actual right way to achieve DR style but it’s what I did so ahaha sorry :v

I used Sai.

<—Soft line brush—Flat brush—Airbrush—Eraser—>

Soft line- Used for sketching, colouring, painting. You’ll need to be familiar with the pressure sensitivity when blending so better get a feel for when to press hard to get solid colours. Adjust the min size depending on where you’re using it, eg. at 0 for fine lines.

Flat brush- The whooshy effect lines. Again, adjust min size to your preference; set to 0 to get the pointy flick stroke.

Airbrush- Didn’t use it on John but tried on Jane. Mostly on her face to give it that glowing kinda look. Else, mostly used for minor adjustments of colours and extra blending.

Eraser- Self explanatory, adjust density to fit your needs. 20% then stroke a couple of times to get the whispy lines. I Used 80-90% for normal erasures

After sketching, added rough shading, then the base colours on a different layer underneath the sketch. I just flattened it afterwards and worked on one layer all through out.

I went and redid a lot of parts as I progressed.

For after effects, moved it to photoshop: duplicated the whole thing -> gaussian blur -> set blur layer to linear burn at 25% opacity

Also added a pattern overlay on the original layer: greyscale paper (kraft paper) -> Overlay at 45%


How to Make Your Art Look Nice: Contrast by Trotroy

I suddenly had an urge to make a tutorial. Here’s the one I did for my dA. NOW FORMATTED FOR TUMBLR.



short explanations (this is all in photoshop btw)

  1. sketch
  2. lines — i dont even do this part normally? usually my sketches are detailed/clean enough that i dont need to do lines but!! if i dont do lines then i have to do a complete paintover later which i was too lazy to do this time so. lines.
  3. values — i also dont do this but i hear talk its a Good thing to do (or i just continually check the values/contrast with a b/w gradient map which is also a thing i just started doing)
  4. put like 5 color adjustment layers on the values so when i overlay the colors it wont look boring as Heck
  5. flats!! and set them on overlay (i did more hue/sat adjusts because the good thing about digital painting is being able to cheat)
  6. make a new layer on top of everything (except lines) and start painting over everything real neat like. get distracted a lot.
  7. colored some of the lines here, esp the lighter parts, also redrew some of the lines (i’d been doing that throughout this whole thing  though) and fiddled around and added details. basically i play around with it until it looks acceptable
  8. POST! (optional: hit publish and notice a Grave Error. fix and edit and thank a deity for the photoset option.)